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Amanda Heberg
Amanda Heberg

As the newest addition to Sandstorm®, I’m thrilled to be a part of a Chicago-based company that has experienced such amazing organic growth. I’m excited to bring my experience implementing disciplined sales and marketing processes for other organizations to Sandstorm, and building upon the great work the team has done to further grow the business.

One of the reasons I joined Sandstorm was the people. Warrior Spirit isn’t just a catchy name; it’s a real spirit that employees truly embody. Culture is key here, and it’s apparent from the moment you walk through the doors.

I’m energized by the work. I have traditionally worked for companies that focus on the implementation side of technology projects. Sandstorm has a great ability to bridge the gap between executing the strategy (creative thinking) and successfully implementing the technology. I’ve found that firms are usually strong in one or the other, but Sandstorm has found the right balance, which leads to successful projects and happy clients.

I have a long history working for large consulting firms and small start-ups, including experience leading sales and business development for consulting firms—specifically, developing relationships with new and existing clients and industry partners. I also have extensive experience advising on strategy, implementation of web content management (WCM and CMS), cloud-based solutions, and custom development for clients ranging from Fortune 1000 to small nonprofits and associations. Sandstorm provides the perfect forum for me to share these experiences and help us grow and scale, while attracting innovative projects and clients, and fostering strong relationships.

When I’m not busy at Sandstorm, you can find me hanging with our three kids—our five-year-old daughter keeps us quite busy! Our two older kids are in college, and our daughter plays college basketball, so we take as many family road trips as we can to watch her play.

We also love drinking wine and craft beer, traveling often, and having friends and family over for get togethers!

This blog was posted by Amanda Heberg on April 19, 2017.
Amanda Heberg

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Amanda Heberg

As the Director, Business Integration, Amanda leads new business development, sales, partnerships and marketing strategy across Sandstorm. Amanda collaborates closely with new clients to build strong, long-lasting partnerships while aligning Sandstorm's capabilities to solve client business problems.

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