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Web Analytics Consulting Services

You know you need to perform analytics on your site, but which data points really matter and how can you use your web analytics to make good business decisions? For too many companies, they either end up logging in once a year, or find themselves in "analysis paralysis." So how do you know if you are achieving your web and business goals?

By implementing web analytics into your site, you have the tools to understand the characteristics and behaviors of your audiences, measure how changes are affecting engagement and conversions, and formulate insights to sustain and grow relationships. We implement web analytics with every site experience we build at Sandstorm®, giving our clients the ability to see where users are coming from, what’s driving them there, and what (if anything) is making them leave. In addition, we offer a variety of follow-up services depending on your needs.

Analytics Integration
We integrate the analytics we’ve implemented with your other website analytics, optimization testing, customer experience, social tracking, campaign management or other CRM tools to offer you an all-encompassing view of your customer.

Dashboard Creation
Using your business goals, target metrics, and other drivers defined in the marketing workshop, we create dashboards tailored to the needs of your marketers, executives, and other key stakeholders. Using the dashboards and automated notifications, your decision makers have valuable information at their fingertips to track key indicators and make the most informed business decisions.

On-Going Assessment Reports
After initial dashboards are created, we offer consulting services to review the data and provide advise on additional opportunities. These services include monthly/periodic reports assessment, analysis and insights around your KPIs, with actionable recommendations to increase goal completions, enhance the user experience, and adjust dashboards to identify changing trends.

Sandstorm offers education on how to review and enhance dashboards and reports, as well as how to export data for other analysis tools.

Data and Process Auditing
For organizations that have existing web analytics solutions, but need a review of their data collection, usage, and reporting, Sandstorm provides services to assess your current implementation and provide insights on how to improve.

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